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Perinton Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Care

Our loyal senior companions require special care to maintain health and vigor. Perinton Veterinary Hospital offers years of experience in caring for your senior dogs and cats. Our progressive approach is all-inclusive, addressing your senior pet care needs from disease prevention to early diagnosis. We offer the most current treatment modalities available in veterinary care.

Special Care

Our canine and feline companions enter the senior stage of life at varying times depending upon breed, type, and size. As a rule, dogs enter the senior stage at about age 7 and cats at age 9.

While every patient differs in the aging process, regular wellness exams and lab work will guide us in recommending senior health protocols for your pet. Special health care services for seniors may include certain medical tests, prescription diets, nutritional supplements, modified activities, and pharmaceutical interventions. In addition, regular oral exams and dental cleanings enhance overall health and resistance to disease.

Exams and Screening

At your pet’s exam, your Perinton veterinarian will address such issues as:

  • Vaccination
  • Oral care
  • Health and nutrition
  • Screening for diseases

Regular lab work is also recommended for senior pets, including:

  • Complete blood count, to check for infections, leukemia, and anemia
  • Blood panel work, to monitor the function of internal organs
  • T4 blood test to evaluate thyroid function

Other tests, such as urinalysis or diagnostic imaging, may be recommended by your veterinarian. They can educate you on any changes or specialized care needed to keep your special friend happy and healthy.

Comfort & Support

We are dedicated to keeping your senior pet comfortable and happy throughout the golden years. Our care is tailored to meet your pet’s specific needs and conditions for contentment and well-being until end of life.

Nutritional Changes

As your pet ages, obesity can be a concern. It may be necessary to adjust their diet to keep weight issues under control and reduce the potential for high blood pressure and heart disease.

There are prescription diets available for senior pets, which can help to correct digestive issues, allergies, and other special conditions while maintaining ideal nutrition. Arthritis, for example, can be treated through fish oil supplements, chondroitin, medication for pain, and a prescription diet, as well as a specialized activity plan.

If you have questions or need advice about care for your senior dog or cat, by all means get in touch. We are happy to help our Perinton family.

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